Ways To Know If You Need A Therapist Or Coach

Most people probably don’t realize this, but embarking on therapy is a natural part of living your best life.

For most people, getting help for navigating through life is absolutely essential, whether you read books, seek professional counseling or coaching, attend inspiration seminars, or talk to friends or spiritual leaders.

It is very hard to grow up in this world and not end up with some scars. In fact, if you might think you had a good childhood and yet are confused as to why you’re an unhappy adult. Honestly, you can have the best family in the world and do everything right, and yet still find yourself drowning.

In this way, it is the brave and powerful people who choose to do therapy and seek change. So, if you’re considering therapy or coaching, realize you are not weak, but strong.

One way to know if you need counseling is to ask yourself if you’re happy with the way things are right now. Many people know they have a problem, and yet do nothing. Then they remain miserable and wonder why.

It is disheartening not to expand with the Universe, and staying stuck in a rut is kind of unnatural if you really think about it. Of course you’re going to feel bad if you’re not participating in this natural expansion.

It’s kind of like being in a river and hanging on to a rock and refusing to let go. You’re going to get pounded by the water. It’s going to hurt. Just imagine that difference between hanging on tight to a rope versus free floating down a river. After awhile something has to give.

Unfortunately, holding on tight often manifests as illnesses, stress, and depression. Those pains we feel, both physically and mentally, are an indication of resistance.

So, if you are sensing that you’re holding on too tight, rather than free flowing with the river of life, this is yet another way know if you need counseling or a therapist. There are lots of people who are here to help you. For more tips on getting the most out of therapy, read my article, 6 Tips for Working with Your Therapist

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