Ways To Relax And Relieve Stress

Finding ways to relax and relive stress go hand-in-hand. It’s not a coincidence that too many people are dealing with anxiety, high blood pressure, and feelings of being overwhelmed. If you never develop the ability to relax and make it a priority in your life, your body and mind will take the toll.

The best way to relax is to take time out every day for yourself—even if it’s just for a few minutes—and focus on being present. While it might be uncomfortable to sit quietly at first and check in with yourself and how you feel, this will help you know what you need most to relax and relieve stress.

Once you’ve checked in, find a relaxation technique to try. This could be practicing meditation, yoga, prayer, breathing, walking in nature, or taking a bath. If you can do this relaxation time when you won’t be interrupted, it will be easier to embrace the moment.

Some people find that the act of “trying to relax” makes it even harder. If it helps, think of relaxation as a time of total nonjudgment. This means that when you notice thoughts or sensations in you body, just observe them, rather than making them mean something. There is no scorecard or “right” way to relax. In fact, just allowing yourself to sit and be without forcing anything can help you feel calmer and accept the moment.

For more tips on meditation, check out chapter eight, “Finding Your Spiritual Centre” in my book Just Give Your Head a Shake.



  1. michelle says:

    i find ways to relieve yourself of stress is to listen to some soft music that is very slow and very relaxing, medication, using a stress ball, going for a walk, talk to someone, breathing exercises, a bubble bath, there are tons of other ways that you may relieve stress but i can’t list them all to many to list but some that i listed are very helpful………..

  2. thanks Michelle, those are all great ways to let go of the stress and just be…

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