What Deals Have You Made Lately?

Think back for a moment to your childhood and ask yourself what you wanted to have in place before you reached certain milestones. Did you imagine having a career before getting married? Or maybe you imagined you needed to live in a certain place in order to be happy, or that anything else but 2.5 kids and a white picket fence would be unacceptable. Perhaps you even told someone that by a particular age you would make these big achievements.

Even though those deals were made in the past, they can greatly influence the choices of today. And those solid decisions about what is acceptable can actually end up causing great limitations. Truly these are not the facts, but just an opinion of what we thought life should be like when we were young.

Most people don’t even realize they are doing this to themselves because the deals made long ago are buried so deep. They’ll try to force things into place and make it work when what really needs to happen is to make a new deal. This often means letting go of all the “shoulds” and surrendering.

Some people might think of surrden as putting up a white flag and declaring defeat, but that’s not true. Surrender is actually opening up yourself to the power of the Universe and realizing that there is something greater than you who not only knows better, but who knows everything. Rather than trying to make your life what you think it should be and working within your own limitations, instead, surrender to the Universe and be willing to receive abundantly from it.

You can do this through writing down your beliefs and then choosing to discard the beliefs that don’t make sense anymore. Be willing to ask for your highest good and trust that it is out there for you.

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