Why Saying “Thank You” Is Powerful

desires of your heart, saying thank youWhat do you do when the desires of your heart aren’t being fulfilled? Many of us end up feeling depressed or angry or we give up and become resentful. We see other people with the relationships, jobs, lifestyle, or things we wish we had in our lives. It can start to feel like you’re a victim and will never get what you want. Depressing, indeed!

When this happens you may end up inadvertently blocking your desires. You may start thinking about what you don’t want out of spite and create the opposite circumstances of the desires of your heart. This is very painful, obviously, because you’re still being filled up by something—but instead it’s lack.

The interesting thing is that the Universe doesn’t actually recognize the word “no.” If you’re constantly saying “no”, you’re actually inviting that thing in. In fact, by fearing something and saying “no” to it, the attention actually sharpens your focus to what you don’t want.

You can realize how this works just by trying NOT to think about pink elephants. Really try as hard as you can not to imagine a pink elephant. Isn’t that the first thing that pops into your head!?

The only way to turn this around is to think about what you do want, but this can be hard when the anger, sadness or resentment is intensified. Sometimes your heart’s desires might become emotionally charged and it’s hard not to look around and see what is missing.

Here’s what to do instead to receive the desires of your heart:

Practice the simple art of saying “thank you.” You may have heard this before, but here is the reason why. Saying “thank you,” automatically shifts your attention closer to your heart’s desires. Just a small nugget of gratitude  basically moves you into the frequency that matches what you want.

This doesn’t mean you have to walk around saying “thank you” and pretending you have everything you want (because you’re probably not going to believe it anyway), but rather saying “thank you” anytime you’re tempted to fill with lack. You don’t even have to be thankful for anything in particular—just find the feeling inside. It sounds overly simplistic, so don’t take my word for it. Try it!

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