You Have The Power To Change

So many of us want to change, but change can be very difficult. It often seems like you take one step forward and two steps back.

Any significant change requires work. You can’t just sit back with the remote in your hand and expect big changes to happen. You have to actually work to make them happen. It’s a huge misconception that some people are just lucky or born happy or get all the big breaks. Sure, we all have our own path in life, but most people who are happy didn’t become that way by accident. It takes work.

One of the first steps to changing anything—whether it’s your state of mind or something else—is becoming aware of your thoughts and what you believe.

For example, do you think you can change ANY aspect of your life? Or do you believe that others can do it, but you can’t? Why would you be any less powerful than any other human being?

As I say in my book Just Give Your Head a Shake, “We have to be willing to open our minds to change, and believe in our own ability to modify our lives.”

You really have to believe in yourself. Once you have a new belief, your thoughts start to follow and you start to take different actions. Then, almost like magic, you slowly start to change. Of course, it’s not really magic—you’re steering your thoughts in a new direction and the Universe can’t help but open up new avenues for you.

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