12 Things Happy People Do

So far in this series of posts on Happiness, we’ve gotten pretty deep. We’ve looked at the mind and the heart; we’ve examined the tool of mediation; we’ve even examined the nature of reality. That’s some heavy stuff!

In an effort to lighten things up a bit, and to help you with some practical tools, I think it may be time to offer some simplified steps to help you pursue happiness. So, here I offer a list of 12 Things Happy People Do; modified and borrowed from author, educator, and motivational speaker Stephen Covey.

  1. Be grateful – for everything, and everyone, you have. “When you appreciate what you have, everything you have appreciates in value.”
  2. Practice optimism – because thinking positively allows you to see the world as a place of potential, even in difficult times.
  3. Avoid comparisons – with others. Never compare yourself to anyone but the “you” that you were yesterday.
  4. Be kind – to others, and allow them to be kind to you.
  5. Pursue relationships – with depth and meaning. Superficial relationships are meaningless.
  6. Practice coping – with stressful situations. Remember the sports adage, “You play like you practice.” Life takes practice too.
  7. Be forgiving – of those who’ve done you harm. Hatred is a terribly negative emotion. Give others the benefit of the doubt, and let yourself doubt that they actually meant to hurt you.
  8. Seek “The Zone” – in all you do. If you’ve ever played sports, you know “The Zone,” that place where everything seems to flow effortlessly from you into the task at hand. seek it in all you do.
  9. Enjoy the joy – of daily living. With all its obstacles and problems, the alternative to life may be a very dark place. Allow yourself to be happy in every moment.
  10. Commit to goals – which you set for yourself. The magic of achievement fosters great self-esteem and perpetuates further success.
  11. Be spiritual – and allow yourself to discover your place in the Universe; a place of comfort and joy.
  12. Care for your body – and let it serve you and your purposes. Pain is not the natural state of human existence. Take care of yourself and enjoy all that a body has to offer you.

It’s really a bit odd when you think about it, but nearly every human endeavor requires study and practice to be successful. Yet, when it comes to daily living, we tend to play it by ear; to fly by the seat of our pants. We tend to think that we should just “know” how to live without studying alternatives and practicing the things that make living easier and more fulfilling. This type of thinking – or lack of thinking – just doesn’t make sense.

The pursuit of happiness, and being happy, also require study and thought. My hope is that this list of 12 Things Happy People Do will provide you with some simple tools to help you practice happy living.

If you are struggling with your own journey of happiness, and would like help finding or staying on the road you would like to follow, get in touch with me today.

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