2 Day Laser Coaching Intensive Event

I am absolutely thrilled to let all of you know that I have been busy putting together an extraordinary event with my friend and colleague Satinder Arora who is an Executive Business Coach. Both of us are very Spirit Centred Entrepreneurs and we actually came up with this idea over a cup of tea one day. Satinder and I were talking about traditional business ideas and concepts that just did not resonate with the way that we conducted our businesses. We both need to lead with spirit and be of service to others, always. As we spoke we realized that what the two of us have gained as a result of our spiritual and business techniques would truly benefit other heartcentred entrepreneurs. We just don’t see many business leaders combining business with true mind mastery in a way that benefits everyone.

We both spent many hours listening to ‘salesy’ people ready to deliver everything and more, and ‘be there for you’, only to end up delivering very little in the way of effective business strategies and actual skills and knowledge. Satinder and I were adamant they we could never conduct business like that or sell our clients short in any way. We are both of the mindset to offer more in service to all and help bring abundance to everyone.

It was a no brainer after comparing notes that we were certain that we needed to do some work together. So after many months of working together to give people the best of our business tools and mind mastery strategies, that have worked fabulously for us for many years, we are ready to present our 2 day Laser Coaching Intensive Event.
Everything had to be just right with a critical eye for detail and we think that you will be treated to something very special that you won’t find at every business event.
We’ve taken the very best of both of our vast array of skills and combined them into an information packed 2 days where you will learn how to incorporate Psychological, Spiritual and Business strategies that are powerful and will undoubtedly raise your business to new levels that will give you the business and life that you imagined!

I don’t know about you but I always imagined having a fabulous business that I am passionate about doing, and that gives me a great lifestyle so I can work less hours, spend more time with my family, or travel when I want to and actually have the money to do it without thinking about a budget and worrying where my next client would come from. Guess what? I have it! And I want all of you to have it too!! I now work 8 hours a week and make more money than I did when I was working 40 hours a week. I had time to write a book, create multiple streams of income and do a lot more travelling but the most important part is that I have plenty of time to spend with the people I love.

How can we not share this information! But what we wanted to do in order to give more service is to invite only 15-20 participants so that we can impart plenty of information plus work with each person to tailor an individual plan that you can implement right away! In keeping with true mind mastery and spirituality we decided to have it at one of the most beautiful locations in Toronto at the Old Mill Inn and Spa, that sits on beautiful parklands with a river running by, how beautiful is that? Very conducive to working with the Universal Law of Abundance!

There are even more goodies in store so why don’t you read more about the 2-day Laser Coaching Intensive Event and we hope to see you there!

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