5 Ways To Be More Authentic And Real

Being authentic means living as the real you. If you’re wondering who this person is, try some of the suggestions below. These are practical ways you can become aligned with living more authentically. You can spend a day, an hour, or a moment in these activities. Interestingly, the more you are authentic the more other people are drawn to you. There is a glow inside that fires up, so give it a try!

1. Spend a day living in the moment. What kinds of things sound fun to you at the spur of the moment? Go and try them (of course, don’t do anything illegal or hurtful to someone else), but do them without worrying about what other people will think. Imagine this is your day and you get to have fun in whatever way that means to you. What would you choose?

2. Spend a day judging nothing that occurs. What would you choose if there was no judgment? Would you go back to school, dye your hair, or get funky chair for your living room? For most of us, the biggest judge is the one in our minds. When judging stops, those little thoughts that hold us back are silenced. There are many more possibilities and choices that make life more interesting.

3. Spend a day buying or doing something that is uniquely you. Perhaps you like to be outdoors, but no one else in your family wants to go hiking. Take yourself on a hike and make no apologizes for that desire. Or, choose to buy something frivolous that you love just because it speaks to you. Living authentically means making no apologies and owning these experiences.

4. Spend a day blaming no one. I know many people who live for years blaming others for all the hurts in their lives. It could be a group of people or one particular person, but that’s a lot of control and time away from listening to the real you inside. Think about that person (or people) you blame and how often you act as if someone else is standing behind your shoulder. In many cases, those unhelpful people are not even in close proximity (or even alive anymore!) so it’s just an absurd thought to continue blaming.

5. Spend a day observing children. Most children up to a certain age are authentic. They don’t care what anyone else thinks and end up doing the most unique and amusing things. They live from their hearts and can teach you a lot.

These are some small steps toward being authentic in day-to-day life. What speaks to you for being more real and living authentically? Let me know your ideas!

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