5 Ways To Reduce Stress (Do These Before The End Of The Year!), Part 2

Think of these five tips as mini resolutions to take on before the end of the year. Sometimes we can get caught up in waiting until January to improve ourselves, but some things are too important to hold off. The perfect moment for reducing stress is now. The holiday season is a good excuse for managing stress and giving yourself an extra boost of energy.

1. Start a meditation practice

Between now and the end of the year devote yourself to daily meditation. Even though it probably sounds counter-intuitive, everyone has a couple extra minutes in the day to sit and be still. Meditation is the best thing you can do to combat stress and anxiety. Plus, it’s readily available, free, and you can do it anywhere. Meditation brings you closer to a higher power and will immediately slow your mind down (and even give you the sense that time is moving slower). My book, Just Give Your Head a Shake, has more important information about meditation.

2. Be in the here and now

One of the causes of anxiety is forward thinking, so if your thoughts are always on the future, you’re going to be more stressed out. Bring your thoughts back to the present moment and reduce your anxiety level. It’s perfectly okay to plan for the future or learn from the past, but don’t let the past or the future dictate how you feel today. Look around and find reasons to embrace what is happening in this moment.

3. Get it off your chest

Studies have proven that having a support system in place is one of the most beneficial ways to manage stress. There is nothing better than having a kind ear to listen, whether it’s a friend, confidante, or a trained professional. Believe me, there is nothing wrong with “getting something off your chest.” As human beings we take comfort in knowing we are not alone. Sharing our thoughts helps us feel normal again and gives us an understanding of how other people deal with their challenges.

4. Focus on “other” gifts.

While physical gifts to each other are wonderful, think about the bigger gifts that the universe or a higher power brings to you. This connection can work like magic in your life, bringing you peace and comfort even in the darkest moments. When you are connected to a higher power, you’ll find that resolutions become available and answers to difficult problems are clear. These “presents” are some of the most valuable gifts you will ever receive and are important for managing stress.

5. Put on your rain or snow gear.

I don’t really mean put on rain or snow gear literally, although playing in the snow is a lot of fun. Think of arming yourself with protective wear as a way to keep other people’s negativity away. You can arm yourself any time by mentally picturing yourself safe and bundled up from all the problems around you. Instead of having other people’s attitudes affect your own, the negativity simply bounces off you like raindrops.

Incorporating any or all of these five steps into your life will set you up for reducing stress and having a healthy transition into the new year!

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