5 Ways To Reduce Your Stress Now

Have you ever noticed that once you’re stressed out, more stresses just seem to appear? It’s almost like the stress follows you around like an unwelcomed guest. If you’re finding that stress has taken over your life, it’s time to find ways to reduce it. With a few changes and some awareness, stressors can become manageable. Even if your circumstances are challenging or seemingly unsolvable, know that you are the one in charge of your mind and you have the power under any condition to let it go. Here are some ways to reduce your stress now:

1. Take a break. Close your eyes and allow yourself to just sit for a minute. It is surprising how long one minute can be when you’re doing nothing—that clock just takes forever. Believe me, the world won’t end if you take a break. In fact, the world will be a much better place because your energy will be closer to 100%.

2. Get out of your head. If you’re overthinking or your mind is racing with a to-do list, you need to find ways to reduce stress. One way is to stop what you are doing and repeat facts to yourself, like the date, your name and where you are. You can also name of the colors and objects around you until your mind starts to grow quieter. Once you feel calmer, make of list of what has to be done and prioritize what you can reasonably do in 24 hours.

3. Say no. So what if you can’t do a million things? If you’re less stressed crossing that one chore off your list, get rid of it. Delegate it to someone else or say no completely. Saying no to someone else is actually saying yes to yourself, so go ahead and decline.

4. Let go of control. If you can’t control the circumstances, give it up to the Universe.

5. Give yourself a break. Locked the keys in the car? Forgot to pay that bill? Instead of getting upset, just smile to yourself. Acknowledge you are human and not a superhero. No one is perfect and neither are you. Enjoy the ride for all its worth!

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