An Amazing Relationship Starts With You

It takes two people to create a strong healthy relationship, but if one person is acting destructively or undervaluing their own self-worth, their capacity for connecting with others will be weakened. This why the saying that “two halves create a whole” is not really true. The most wonderful relationships (of all kinds!) are possible when both people realize their personal value and express it.

This happens when you believe in yourself. Having good self-esteem showers you with confidence in your thoughts, words, and actions—and other people can’t help but notice. This brings you into alignment with a more fulfilling, better relationship with your partner and everyone else. Instead of giving away your power or being the victim, you’re showing up.

You share the best of what you have to offer when you have this groundwork of self-esteem and a good attitude in place. It creates a force that allows stronger levels of intimacy. You can connect on a higher, more authentic level with others. This showing up as a “whole person” approach is a good place to start to create amazing relationships.

You realize can only control yourself. Period. It’s impossible to control your partner or anyone else in this world. So, choosing to value yourself and what you have to offer will breathe life into a relationship—especially if both people feel whole. It can also help you walk away when it’s not the right relationship or help you work through the bumps without as much despair.

You know you value yourself and are becoming whole when you stop making excuses and own both the good and the bad parts of who you are. It’s hard to own your mistakes, but attitude is everything. Rather than playing victim, you can powerfully affect a relationship with a new attitude. This also helps a less than ideal relationship be an opportunity to grow and change.

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