Happy And Healing Thoughts To Feel Good

Did you know that the brain loves positive energy? When you focus on positive emotions and thoughts, it’s possible to feel better and even end depressive thoughts. This is not just repeating positive affirmations or trying to think positive but not feeling it, it is tapping into a greater source of positive energy.

This source could be your own spiritual beliefs, which can create a more life-affirming mindset. It could also be prayer or a yoga practice. You know you’re feeding your brain positive energy when you feel good. It can help to listen to music that moves you, look at pictures that make you happy, and to laugh.

Essentially, there are healthy, healing brain chemicals that can be released to combat depression. So, whatever method you use to be positive, it’s important to practice it! This is especially important if you feel the depression coming on. Rather than take out the welcome mat, stand up to it.

Even though it can be difficult to be positive sometimes, just a small amount of feel-good energy goes a lot way. Your brain has a strong ability to soak up positive energy. A shift your emotions can take it up a notch.

Thinking positively might sound simple, but it is hard work. It helps to start with a strong belief that it is possible to overcome depressive thoughts and feelings by replacing them with positive thoughts and emotions.

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