How To Overcome Fear And Resistance To Positive Change

If, as we’ve discovered in our Blog Series on Resistance, the foundation of resistance is fear, what is the key to overcoming that fear, and that resistance? Is it simply ignoring the fear? Should you try to become “fearless” instead of fearful? Does overcoming fear require bravery? In a way, the answer is “Yes,” to all of these.

Some fears are so modest that they can safely be ignored, while some actually do require an emotional bravery to overcome; a sense of fearlessness which stems from an overwhelming desire to make a change for the better.

What are you afraid of – really?

Knowing where your fear comes from is the key to overcoming it, while overcoming your fear is the key to beating your resistance to positive change. Remember, fear is an emotional response to uncertainty, yet uncertainty and change are constants in life. In essence, the fear of change is a fear of reality, the reality of the constantly changing world in which we live. If you fear change, whether internal or external, you can never be happy or fulfilled.

How can you accomplish this? Here are 5 Keys to Overcome Your Fear, excerpted from an article at

  1. Know that fear is just an emotion and it can be talked down. Research has shown that the way we talk to ourselves can have a profound effect on our motivation. If your self-talk is resoundingly negative, you’re eventually going to believe what you have to say. So try and cut your negative self-talk off at the knees and replace it with positive self-talk.
  2. Fear dissipates with research. Learn about whatever you fear and practice, practice, practice it. Fear is oftentimes about the lack of control over something. Well, fight for some of that control back! The best way to do it is to know your stuff in and out and have rehearsed it 10,000 times before you have to do it for real.
  3. Stop projecting the worst of what could happen. Ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen – and then be OK with that outcome. Figure out the worst case scenario, do what you need to do to be OK with that, and then move on.
  4. Make fear manageable; break it up into little chunks. This is the same way you get anything done using any productivity system. If you’re looking at something huge and overwhelming, the best way to get a grip on your fear is to break it down into discrete actions.
  5. Don’t be afraid of criticism, blame, or embarrassment. Usually the “fear of failure” isn’t about failure at all; it’s about the impending impact to your ego. No one likes being criticized or feeling embarrassed about something. You just have to be OK with looking like an idiot (see #3) since 9 times out of 10 that’s all that’s holding you back! And the chances of you looking like an idiot in the eyes of others are actually much lower than you think they are.

Overcoming the fear of making a positive change in your life is entirely possible with these five strategies. Is it easy? Perhaps not, but it can certainly be done. After all, you are the ultimate arbiter of your thoughts and emotions, which means, that with work and determination you can get it done.

Remember this, “That which you resist will forever exist.”

If you believe you need help with overcoming your fear of change, or resistance to positive change in your life, get in touch with me today.


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