Keep Your Face To The Sunshine!

If you find yourself out of ‘spirit’ and feeling down in the dumps, whether it’s due to the weather, a relationship, the economy or your own current personal situation, I say, keep your face to the sunshine! Always keep your head up and look (and think) towards more positive situations and outcomes. Everything is temporary and always changing. This means your current state of lack is also temporary,whether it is a lack of positive energy, money, a job, loving relationships or whatever your current situation is.

Start by thinking of a more positive outcome for your current situation, now bring your feelings and emotions into alignment with those thoughts, bring yourself fully to that outcome, using all of your senses. Now you can start to think about what you need to do to bring that ideal situation around for yourself in the present. Now you can start to take the action needed to bring about your positive outcome. You might only be able to obtain your outcome in your mind at first, but that’s a start. I have managed to be able to ‘go to Hawaii’ in my mind when it is bitterly cold outside. As I imagine myself on a warm beach in Hawaii, I am able to bring my senses and feelings there as well, and in a matter of seconds I am able to bring my body into a relaxed state and free of shivers. Try this and see if it helps you to weather the cold! You can use this technique to help you envision the most positive outcomes to your situation. You can even work backwards from the end result to help you visualize the steps involved in obtaining the outcome you want, then you can take the necessary actions to secure your end result. As you start to take action towards your optimal goal you will find that the resources you need will start to appear, just keep your mind and eyes open to what’s showing up to help you. The only area that you shouldn’t try to have control over is how and when the resources you need come to you, this is the work of the energy of the Universe that aligns things so perfectly to bring about whatever you are trying to manifest. 

The other issue that you need to be aware of is whether you doubt yourself and what you are trying to achieve. If you don’t believe in what you are trying to do then you are putting out negative energy and it will hinder you in your progress. I posit that you should have no doubt about your place in this world as a divine human being, just as you have no doubt that the sun will rise in the morning. If doubt does appear then don’t shove it down and pretend that it isn’t there because it will continue to crop up every step of the way. When doubt and feelings of lack arise, look at them, understand where they come from, and then release them. They are part of your ego and will attempt to trip you up every step of the way. When you see the doubt and lack for what they are, negative thoughts that manifest from a disconnection from the higher energy of the Universe, then you can release them from holding you back and deciding your life course for you. You will have more control over your life and this will help you to overcome any negative issues that your ego will attempt to keep alive and well.

So my piece of advice to you is to ‘Keep your face to the Sunshine’!

Cheryl Hitchcock DSW, ADC

Certified Clinical Counsellor and Spiritual Coach

“I help people change their lives for the better”


  1. I really love your idea about bringing all your senses to your outcome and imagining it vibrantly. You could also write it out in the form of an intention statement – in the present, as if it’s already accomplished and then hang it all over where you live so that you see it and remind yourself about it. You could also draw or paint it or do any artwork on the theme of it, anything to make it more real to yourself.
    Could you tell me more about how you release the negative thoughts?
    Cool blog!

  2. great blog and perfect timing as this is usually the most depressing time of the year.

    keep up the good work!!

  3. Great words and thoughts to live by!!! I believe in the law of attraction and keep telling myself and others that you need to believe in yourself and you will achieve your dreams. I believed that starting my business was going to be great success and I was right. I achieved success very quickly with my determination and positive energy. I wish it worked for the lottery though!!! lol

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