Living Your Life To The Fullest – What It Means

Living your life to the fullest means embracing your divine essence. This is your authentic self with all of your unique qualities. It is the person you cannot help but express. When you are experiencing life from this lens, you can’t help but be guided by your loving spirit and the Universe.

Living a full life is also about experiencing all the treasures that are available in life, deciding what you want to experience, and making choices. Being led by love—and not fear—is an important aspect. For one person, a full life might mean choosing to go to monastery and being a monk. For someone else, a full life might be choosing to work on Wall Street. That same person might even choose both paths at different points in life.

Living life to the fullest does not require great wealth, physical attractiveness, or sacrificing your sanity to benefit others. It is about treating yourself with love and respect, no matter what happens. A full life is about having purpose and wonderment even if things don’t go exactly as planned. Sometimes it is about regrouping; other times it is about diving in.

Try making a list of all the areas of your life (or check out page 99 of my book for an example). Then ask yourself:

  • Which areas are the strongest?
  • Which areas are challenges?
  • What could you change right now to feel better?
  • What could your work to change in the long term?

As you do this, don’t focus on your excuses, but believe that you can and will have all that you desire. Building awareness is the first step, so be honest. Then, use the list as a guide to creating goals and experiencing all that life has to offer.

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