Make The Leap Toward Your Most Burning Desire

Everyone has burning desires in life—perhaps to start your own business or have a certain career—and these desires helps us to live on purpose. When we navigate life believing that we can have our most burning desires and knowing how to go after them, we can become wonderfully supported as the Universe opens doors.

However, one of the fallbacks toward getting what you want is that it’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of chronic contemplation. When this happens, a person’s thoughts can literally paralyze the change process and turn it into self-sabotage.

If you are self-sabotaging, you likely have a “mental tape” in your head that is stuck on the same station. This tape contains all the suggestions, opinions, and ideas of both yourself and the other people in your life. Sometimes, these tapes are so powerful, that they can sabotage the change process completely. Too often, we believe tapes and give up on our burning desires.

To move out of Contemplation and go toward our goals requires a leap of faith, as well as some discomfort. But, more importantly, it requires leaping with a solid foundation in place. One great way to do this is to put your ideas on paper and get them out of your head. This will help clear a pathway where you can see things clearly and make an informed decision.

Remember, playing it safe gets you no further in life. At the realization that your mental tapes are keeping you stuck (and maybe even causing you harm), you can start challenging them and doing things differently. For many people, their only regret is that they didn’t pursue their passion earlier.

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