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Well, I hope you are all in good spirits, it’s a wonderful day! I just thought I would give you the link to my radio interview that I did with Spiritual guide Prasanna Gunturi. It was a wonderful experience as well as a learning experience for me. I feel truly grateful to be bringing into my world all of these spiritual people and events that will enable me to reach out to those who may need help in their everyday lives. It just seems that 45 minutes was too short a period of time to try to scratch the surface of stress management. You can listen to this interview at and please let me know if you have and questions or comments. Feedback always when taken in a positive context allows for growth.

I also wanted to share with you some words from Paramhansa Yogananda who was one of the first people to bring the Eastern Spiritual teachings to the Western world in the 1930’s. This is from the book “How To Be Happy All the Time” which you can find in most bookstores or through His wisdom and teachings are in keeping with the foundation of all spiritual teachings. This amazing guru has done so much to bring the light of spirituality to the masses, especially at a time when the Eastern teachings were so foreign to our society. These teachings are just as profound and current as if they were taught yesterday with all of our new knowledge about spirituality and the science that surrounds it. In the book there are many passages that help us to understand how to truly find continued happiness and the God spirit that is within us already.

I found this passage to be particularly helpful as he talks about how finding God (spirit) is the greatest happiness that we can have. It says, “Why are you still sleeping?! Offer no excuses to yourself that you are too busy to think of God! When death comes, you will have to leave all your engagements at once without notice or delay. Then why not now give up some of your useless pursuits and idle thoughts to make time for God?” In this passage he is speaking about our ability to be caught up in our own thoughts and pleasures received form forming attachments to material things and events, and gaining happiness through those pursuits alone. When we can be gaining the greatest happiness possible by being in touch with our spirit (God) and having happiness as a state of mind, which lasts always, rather than happiness felt only through external sources and senses. Read the book, it’s not a long book but it will enlighten you to the experience of true happiness.

I am going to disconnect from technology again for a week and go to the mountains for some relaxation and connection to the Earth. Take care and remember to keep your face to the sunshine!

cheers and love


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