SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Attention Super Charged Highly Motivated Entrepreneurial & Executive Women


Maria Gamb

It’s not everyday I meet someone with as much passion, conviction and brilliance as the woman I’d like to introduce you to – Maria Gamb (www.mariagamb.com)

Maria is a former corporate trailblazer with a management portfolio and resume that is quite impressive. What I found especially intriguing about Maria is how she’s taken all she’s gleaned from her days as a corporate leader and is now teaching us EXACTLY what we need to breathe new life into business today.  She works with both corporate managers/leaders and entrepreneurs alike.  The common thread is that they all know, deep in their hearts that they are Change Agents – the people who will shift the face and consciousness of business today to have a greater impact in the world…but they just aren’t exactly sure how to bypass their fears and get moving!

 The information she shares couldn’t come at a better time!   After speaking with her recently I learned that she is about to open registration on her LIVE event that will be held in Los Angeles on June 13th


“Change Agent Basic Training” Event

LIVE in Los Angeles

Saturday, June 13th

9am – 5pm

 She’s agreed to allow me to share the details with you now.  The details are all given on her website: http://tinyurl.com/MariaCheryl.  But let me share with you what you’ll learn by participating in this event because it’s a very different type of environment – one that gives you a combination of spiritual principles and sound business practices.  This is not a hypey pitch-fest or an event where you learn marketing tips.  It’s about YOU becoming more powerful and influential in whatever role you currently embody in business today.

  • Dismantlethe business model that has spiraled out of control andavoid making the same mistakes going forward. *This goes for both entrepreneurs as well as corporate models.
  •  Reshapeyour own mission and purpose toincrease profits.
  •  Understandwhy you have this underlying feeling thatsomething MUST change NOWand why this is happening.
  •  Step-by-step plan to leverage everything that’s happening, that appears to be “wrong” and make it “right” (this isn’t about profiting off someone else’s misfortune)
  •  Make the shiftfrom victim toempowered victorby knowing the facts so you can move ahead with confidence.
  •  Gain crystal clear clarityhow to make a smooth, profitable, transition forward
  •  Unlock your unique abilities and critical callingto becomea Change AgentTM that makes a real difference in the world NOW!

On the other side of the event, this is what you will leave with knowing!

  • You will leave with a very clear understanding of what’s going on in the world today from a very different, more peaceful place.
  •  You will gain a valuable map that will allow you to be very clear where you are in your process and how to move to the next step. These are instructions and directions you’re going to want to have!
  •  You will have the tools to place your feet firmly on the ground and transform the current fear state so you can and will move forward in your business. That means, pumping valuable dollars into the economy and your own pocket.
  •  You will feel recommitted to that little voice inside that has called you to be a Change AgentTM in the world today!

It doesn’t matter if you are an executive who leads a team or an entrepreneur who is building a business; the tools and techniques are the same.  Universal Law is all encompassing.  It excludes no one. 

REGISTER NOW: http://tinyurl.com/MariaCheryl

The Early Bird Pricing will expire on June 5th.  So act NOW!

*hotel space for this event is extremely limited so don’t put this off one more day!

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