Spirit Guides And Angel Readings

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For most of my life I have been in touch with my guiding Spirits and Higher Self. I tried to turn off these visions when I was a child because I found them to be a bit unnerving, and did not understand what was happening or how to use my gifts. As an adult I have learned and been guided to understand what my connection is all about, and how to use it to best connect to my Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels.

I have been guided by my Teachers to incorporate Mandala and Angel readings into my Spiritual practice as one way of being a conduit for others to receive messages and guidance from their Guardians as well. These cards are unique in that this is the first introduction of these particular Japanese Mandala Cards in Canada as well as globally, as they are designed by Mineo Akiyama and my Shaman, Craig Junjulus, in Sedona, Arizona.

Mineo Akiyama is a gifted artist who allows the energy and spiritual vibrations around him to flow through his pen, creating these beautiful and intricate Mandalas. Mineo Akiyama’s inspirational art is meditated upon and read intuitively, to create this powerful system of divination: leading the way for us to discover new worlds within ourselves and to connect to our spiritual source.

Craig Junjulas is a brilliant metaphysical teacher who channels higher vibrations to empower his students with Intelligent and Powerful Guidance. Journey into higher dimensions through the spiritual doorways of 64 inspirational Mandalas. •Clarify life issues and goals •Make superior decisions •Improve your actions •Expand your mind •Increase awareness •Awaken intuition •Connect to your spiritual guidance.

These unique Mandala oracle cards offer you a phenomenal tool for creating a better life and for spiritual enrichment and personal growth. More than mere symbols, the Mandalas are repositories of knowledge and operate at various levels simultaneously.

For more information, please contact me at Cheryl@integritycounsellingservices.com.


About Angel Readings

Cheryl connects with the Angelic realm through different modes. She channels them through her claircognizant abilities as well as reading angel oracle cards, which provides messages for her to interpret for her clients. These messages are from the Angelic realm and provide the client with information, insights and encouragement about what they need to know.

When referring to Angels and the Angelic realm, Cheryl is referring to a collective consciousness of energy that has been identified to her as various Archangels and Angels and Ascended Masters. This in no way refers to religion, as any collective consciousness of energy has no religious affiliation. Cheryl can work with Kwan Yin, Buddha, Ganesh, Abraham, etc., as well as Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, etc… The names make no difference. This collective consciousness transcends all religions, has no space/time continuum to deal with, so can provide support for anyone or everyone at the same time. It is energy and its presence is unique to everyone. These are labels that help us decipher whom we are calling on, whether it be protector, healer, teacher, etc.

Cheryl has been connecting with the collective consciousness since she was a child but did not understand what was happening at the time. After years of guidance and nurturing of her abilities, Cheryl now can readily access and interpret her Guides messages. All of the work that Cheryl does with her connection is only from the stream of well-being energy. This is loving and uplifting guidance and in truth, is the only energy that we connect to from Spirit. The Guides will tell you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to hear or know. The messages are about what is most pressing for you to know, at this time. That is the beauty of this, it is the best and most accurate guidance you can receive for your well-being and journey on your life path.

You can have an individual reading or invite friends over for readings. Each person will receive an individual reading, so if you are having a get-together, personal or work function, consider offering Angel readings to your guests! Everyone will enjoy them! Package pricing is available on groups of 4 or more.

Love, Light and Peace!



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