Surprising Tips About Living A Balanced Life

Many people wish they had more balance in life, but what “balanced” really means might come as a surprise. It’s not being a super woman (or man) or getting everything crossed out on your to-do list right now. Balance is about making choices and being willing to change behavior patterns. Balance isn’t instant, but anyone can be more balanced with a little effort. Here are some tips: 

Balance takes time. Sometimes, when busy people try to create a new habit, they go full force and end up unable to keep up the momentum—crashing back to the old behavior. For a habit to be changed once and for all, it’s important to be realistic about how much you can change at one time and to give change a chance. Working on just one area of your life at a time can also be more valuable than trying to do everything at once. 

Balance means valuing both the highs and lows. There is a misconception that a “full life” is one that is full of constant excitement, but a more balanced perspective gives time for quiet and contemplation. When there is balance, every moment becomes more precious. The downtime is appreciated just as much as a flurry of activity. Designating time for relaxation, spiritual readings, meditation or even just taking a bath at the end of the day can revive that part of you.

Balance requires mindfulness. When you’re constantly on autopilot, it’s hard to know how you really feel about anything. You might notice a bad mood, but not be able to pinpoint the reason. Being balanced means getting more in touch with your emotions and the present moment. This will not only bring more balance, but also a stronger sense of being connected to yourself.

Balance means embracing change. It’s human nature to want to succeed, but part of finding balance is being willing to own up to what is working—and not working. This can mean letting go of how we want things to be, and being open to change. Some people become addicted to dysfunctional relationships, jobs, or making money, so it’s important to face this reality. The good news that you created the imbalance in the first place—so that means you can change it too!

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