The Art Of Giving With An Open Heart

When you think about gift giving, what kinds of things come to mind? Perhaps purchasing a gift for a friend or helping someone in need. However, the art of giving is much more than a physical or material thing.

Giving is actually an exchange of energy between yourself and the universe. It has much more to do with YOU than it has to do with anyone else. So, next time you give, keep this thought in your mind.

When you give, what you’re actually doing is exchanging energy. If your gift is a positive one, you receive positive energy back. But if you are giving with anger or indifference or obligation, this is the energy you are giving to YOURSELF. It doesn’t matter if you are giving someone a diamond ring or a penny, it’s truly about the energy behind the gift giving.

This is part of a reason the saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts.” Other people can tell whether a gift is sincere and from an open heart and, of course, you can’t hide your thoughts from the universe.

This is also why the gift giving is more about you… None of us can control how the other person reacts. We might never get thanked or appreciated, but the universe hears our call. I think it’s important to remember that we shouldn’t expect anything back for our gifts. It’s the act that counts.

What kind of gifts have you been giving? Do you give them with an open heart or do you expect something back?

Doing something kind for someone and expecting kindness in return counters the act. It’s not that something bad will happen to you, you just might not get anything! But if you give for the greater good and harvest positive energy, you will see the positive energy flow to you in unexpected ways.

I hope this all makes sense! Remember, gift giving is so much more than a physical thing. It is the joy behind the gift that comes from the smallest things:

  • Holding a door open
  • Doing a kind act
  • Saying thank you
  • Writing a hand-written letter
  • Offering help to someone in need
  • Giving a hug
  • Letting someone know you care

Make your own list. You don’t need a million dollars or even a penny to give gifts like these.

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