Turn Mental Blocks Into Stepping Stones

One of the things I’ll be teaching at the Breaking Barriers to Success laser coaching event is how turn mental blocks into stepping stones.

Mental blocks are those barriers that limit growth in different areas of your life. If you are blocking your own success, you might feel frustrated in your job, unable to follow your dreams, and struggle to raise your income despite all the hard work. It’s kind of like being stuck in a rut—plus your energy is zapped all the time.

While it might feel like a huge hurdle to break past barriers, the truth about mental blocks is they are all based in fear. Basically, fear is the negative thoughts and feelings that are blocking your growth. The more you focus on fear, the harder it is to find those precious stepping stones.

The first thing is to remember is that you are the one giving energy to your mental blocks–and the more energy you give them, the bigger they grow. That means you can also put your energy elsewhere and they will shrink down to nothing.

Once you face mental blocks, they becomes a stepping stone by giving you information you didn’t have it before. When a mental block, or fear, is uncovered, it’s like making a new discovery or even finding a pot of gold. You’ll be freed in all kinds of ways. This is like stopping a cycle that had limited your growth and releasing a great deal of energy. Plus, with each stepping stone, you find courage and resources to guide you along the way.

Check out the Breaking Barriers to Success event for details, and join us to break free from your mental blocks for good!

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