Were You Naughty Or Nice To Yourself This Year?

Remember when you were a kid and you made your Christmas wish list? Were you ever a little nervous that your “naughty” or “nice” behavior might discourage Santa from delivering at your house? Even if your family wasn’t into traditional gift giving, this concept is an interesting one, especially when you apply it to yourself as an adult.

naughty or nice listNice Things…

  • Did you say things to yourself like, “I can do it” and “I’ll figure it out”?
  • Did you take chances and explore new things?
  • Did you build your self-worth on a regular basis? 

Naughty Things…

  • Did you look into the mirror and criticize yourself?
  • Did you give up on a personal dream or goal?
  • Did you limit the possibilities of the Universe? 

Remember, no matter who or what is in your world, your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. The way you treat yourself greatly influences the gifts you are willing to accept from the Universe. If you are nice to yourself you’ll attract people, experiences, and relationships that affirm your self-worth and help you to grow.

On the other hand if you are “naughty,” you’re only going to neutralize or resist the things you truly want in your life. We’re all self-critical and will have yes’s on both sides, but the less energy and attention you give to the negative, the more you can receive abundance in all forms. 

Imagine the gifts that might be manifested by the way you treat yourself. You deserve an abundance of love, success—and the Universe is ready to deliver.

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