What Relationship Myths Do You Buy Into?

There are a lot of relationship myths that can cause problems between couples. These are the expectations and beliefs that men and women have toward each other that result in conflict and even breakups.

How it works is we often make assumptions or buy into myths that our relationship or partner should be a certain way or following certain rules, when in fact, love is not logical and cannot be broken down into a mold.

It’s hard enough dealing with the ideals of what should make up a happy couple: blissfully in love, understanding each other, and walking into a sunset with a perfect ending. In reality, these myths can actually cause couples to believe that the relationship is doomed when one person or the other has rigid judgments.

Here are some common relationship myths:

My partner should understand me and vice versa. It would be nice if our partner could walk in our shoes, but it’s not realistic or even reasonable! Men and women are very different and see the world in very different ways. To buy into the myth that you should think and act alike can be a relationship killer. Two people can still thrive together despite their fundamental differences.

You must have a great romance. It would be nice if attraction and infatuation could last forever, but the initial spark that brings two people together is not sustainable forever. What is sustainable is moving to the next phase of a relationship where emotions are less intense, yet deeper and more sustaining. This is the love that incorporates a physical, mental, and spiritual bond between two people.

Couples must have common interests. Yes, it’s important to have things to talk about and shared values, but couples don’t need to do everything together. In fact, trying to force your partner into a shared activity can actually tear you apart. Relationships are not more fulfilling if you do everything together. Many couples are totally committed and healthy even without the same interests.

The next time you find yourself making up rules or thinking your partner or relationship “should” or “must” be a certain way, stop and question whether this is just another relationship myth playing out.

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