Why It Matters What You Believe

A belief is something this is viewed as being true by a person. It may or may not be true in reality, but if a person believes it is true, it will feel like a fact. For example, you could take two people of the same age in the same job:

One person might believe, “I am too old to change careers” while the other believes “I can change careers at any time.”

Those deeply held beliefs create either open doorways or walls in the mind. Beliefs can keep a person in chains, or when released, become enormously freeing.

Our beliefs are constantly being created based on our thoughts, feelings, experiences—and our fears. Many people worry that if they change their belief systems they might not know how to function. If change is viewed as scary, for example, it will be harder to let go of old beliefs. Remember too, that many beliefs come from childhood or from other people and you may not know you have them unless you look closely.

The best way to change a belief, especially one that is not working for you anymore, is to become more aligned with your spiritual self and positive energy. When this happens, doors that were previously closed will start to open and miracles will occur. Even though you won’t know what to expect with a new experience, the positive energy can guide you through changes and make them exhilarating, especially when you’re not afraid anymore.

Just like with anything new, if you’re making changes, it helps to be curious, rather than judgmental. Each change is a new and exciting adventure.

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